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Making Your Backyard Work For You

It’s easy, we do everything — permitting, site preparation, foundation, utility connections, construction, and inspections for a detached accessory dwelling unit (DADU). You pick size, style, colors, and finishes.

Key Features

We Handle Everything

We have thoughtfully designed the entire process, from ordering to install. Once you’ve ordered your Kabin our team handles all the permitting, site preparation, foundation, utility connections, construction, installation, site clean-up, and final inspections. You don’t have to worry about hiring or coordinating anything. 

Environmentally Friendly

All of our Kabins are certified 4-star BuiltGreen. Starting with our high-tech foundation system that allows almost all of the existing landscaping to stay in place, we build the Kabin itself from renewable resources supplied locally. Designed to our specifications, components are fabricated for lower cost and lower waste than traditional construction. We use energy-efficient LED lighting, zero air gap wall insulation, and low VOC paints.

Low Price

Our unique approach to designing a cottage from the ground up allows us to offer a beautiful high quality product at a very affordable price. Because we do everything we can offer an installed price up front with no need to worry about hidden costs or change orders down the road. You will spend MUCH less on your Kabin than on any other method of putting in a backyard cottage.

Designs And Options

We have multiple designs so you can get the Kabin that fits your needs, with interior and exterior options to suit your personal style. Lots of colors or we can match to your existing home.  We’ll be happy to review all the Kabin options and answer any questions.

Why We’re Different

Foundation Technology

We are building smarter, from the ground up. Our exclusive Karry Beam foundation system removes the need for heavy machinery and pouring concrete. This superior method lowers costs and reduces your environmental impact.

Energy Efficient

The entire process is designed for energy efficiency. We utilize a locally sourced green building product for our floor, walls, and roof structure that has a solid core of graphite polystyrene insulation. Resulting in a more comfortable energy efficient space than traditional construction methods.

Quick Installations

We’ve designed our Kabins with installation in mind. By using local resources and suppliers, and our unique low environmental impact foundations, most homes have a ready to move in Kabin in as little as 6 weeks. With MyKabin, we take care of it all with minimal disruption to your life.

MyKabin Projects

View the growing number of MyKabin backyard cottages being built throughout the Greater Puget Sound area.

Leadership Experience


A long-time construction professional with over 25 years of experience in residential and commercial construction in the Seattle area. In the past 15 years, Clint has specialized in residential remodeling, adding space such as ADUs to families homes around the Seattle region.


A long time Seattle resident and entrepreneur, Tom has had involvement in local real estate and construction that gave him an interest in the growing need for affordable housing. Prior business included large scale commercial real estate primarily focused on Datacenters.


Originally a Texas native, Rob has lived in Seattle for over 20 years. Rob has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and came to us from premier client support at Microsoft. 

Hear From Our Clients

“Clint and his team have been great. Process was so easy and the ADU is beautiful”

– Ronnie and Wendy, Madison Valley

MyKabin in the News

Rise Seattle Podcast

Backyard Cottages: Eco-Friendly Investments that Provide Affordable Housing

Updated regulations in Seattle have more and more homeowners seriously considering the possibility of building a DADU (Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit) on their property.

Homeowners, renters, and the City of Seattle in general all stand to benefit from an increase in DADUs, but all too frequently, the cost of building a DADU can be prohibitively expensive.

Then MyKabin came along.


The Urbanist

In Pursuit of the Affordable Backyard Cottage

Last summer when the Seattle City Council passed legislation that encouraged development of backyard cottages across the city, the move was generally met with enthusiasm from housing advocates promoting increased housing choices in the city’s single family zones.


Seattle’s New ADU Rules May Ease Affordable Housing Crisis

This summer the Seattle City Council took a step toward easing the affordable housing crunch in the city, which is filled with single-family neighborhoods. New legislation eases the rules around building accessory dwelling units in single-family zones, a designation that makes up 60% to 65% of the city.

Madison Park Times

MyKabin streamlining process for constructing backyard cottages

Dr. Ronnie and Wendy Cunningham had tried to get a backyard cottage built next to their Madison Valley home for the last five years, but kept getting hung up in the permitting process.

Puget Sound Business Journal

How a game of cards launched a Seattle-area backyard cottage company

Following years of political and legal battles, Seattle this summer loosened restrictions on the development of backyard cottages, yet they remain relatively expensive to build. A new Bellevue company, MyKabin, has engineered a workaround to streamline development.


Getting a backyard cottage is easier than you think

Ronnie Cunningham is a longtime resident of Madison Valley. He’s lived in this house since 1975. Now a few steps away sits his new baby – a cozy MyKabin cottage. “We have a relatively good-sized lot, it’s a 5,900 square foot lot ” he said. “We weren’t using the space, it was just a garage that was storing a bunch of stuff.”

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