Cascade Traditional in Wedgwood

Nancy Martin evaluated how to get more out of her property. The home was on a sizable lot, and the existing home on it only occupied a third of the property. When the Seattle City Council unanimously passed a resolution allowing landlords to build an extra dwelling on a lot they didn’t live on, she decided a backyard home was the right answer. “If you can make a residential neighborhood more accessible for rentals, it’s far more desirable than an apartment,” she stated. According to Nancy, the MyKabin team was straight-forward, and there were no ‘hidden’ costs or surprises along the way. “They laid out everything,” she said. “They were very straightforward when I signed the contract. Everything was just upfront. That’s what I loved about this whole process. Nobody wants to have hidden costs. Nobody wants that sticker shock. MyKabin’s prices were given upfront and there were no surprises.”

“MyKabin makes it easy because they take care of it for you. There’s never been an issue, ever. Honestly, these guys really want to do a great job. They just want to make it happen for the homeowner.”

Nancy Martin | Wedgwood

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