Our Customers are Why We’re Here

MyKabin Homeowners are Building for the Future

We’re lucky to have some amazing customers. Their stories are all unique, yet similar. Whether it’s building a backyard cottage for friends and family, for long and short-term rentals, or a retirement space for the future, there are many different purposes MyKabin’s homes serve.

Getting More Use Out of Rental Property

Nancy Martin is a homeowner and a landlord with an eye toward the future of her investments.

She purchased a home on a corner lot 10 years ago and is building MyKabin Cottage on the property to get even more out of her investment.

Learn how Nancy Martin boosted her investment property

Setting up for Retirement

Brian Burns and his partner had always dreamed of an early retirement that would allow them to travel before they were too old to enjoy it.

Their MyKabin home is now giving them a way to do it.

Learn how Brian’s home gives retirement freedom

More Space for a Growing Family

Kevin Moore and Shanna Alvarez had an expanding family. With both of them working professional jobs at home, having young kids, and visiting parents, they needed more space.

MyKabin was the answer.

Learn how they gained more space for the family

Multi-generational Family Living

Grandmother, Luzminda Fox wanted to live out her remaining years close to family but also remain independent.

Building a spacious MyKabin Cottage was the perfect solution.

See how the family turned a dream into reality

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