Multi-generational Family Living with a “Front Yard” Cottage

A grandmother wanted to live out her remaining years close to family but also remain independent.

Building a spacious MyKabin home was the perfect solution.

Grandmother, Mother, and Grandchildren Sharing the Golden Years

When Luzminda Fox and her husband bought their Beacon Hill home on a large lot in the 1980’s, she recognized the potential to divide the lot. After retirement, the couple moved to Auburn and transferred the home title to their daughter. After Luzminda’s husband passed away, Luzminda wanted to reside close to her daughter and grandchildren – it was finally time to return to Beacon Hill. “I know I don’t want to go to a nursing home. I know I would be even more lonely there,” said Luzminda.

Turning Dream into Reality

Luzminda and her daughter got straight to work to figure out how to build a second residence on the property. With every builder she approached, Luzminda learned she would have to complete the complex land permitting process and manage multiple contractors and sub-contractors to complete the project. In addition, she discovered that the site work, just to prepare the lot for a new house, would add at least one-third to the total cost of the project. The complexity and cost of the process was daunting.

When Luzminda saw a Facebook ad for MyKabin, she and her daughter attended an open house and met the MyKabin team. They learned that MyKabin offered a comprehensive solution to building her DADU. “When we discovered MyKabin, I was so relieved to find a builder who took care of everything, from land preparation to interior finishes,” said Luzminda.

More than Just a Cottage

Luzminda wanted more than just a “tiny house”; she wanted a single-level home that felt spacious. The timing was perfect. The City of Seattle had just approved a one thousand square foot maximum for a DADU, and MyKabin had a model that fit the bill: the 980-sqft Roosevelt. 

“MyKabin was willing to accommodate the larger home I wanted,” said Luzminda. “The two bedrooms are spacious, and the bathroom is huge.”

“When people ask me whether I recommend MyKabin, I always do. It’s the way they treat me and the way they treat one another.”

Luzminda Fox | Seattle

“They are Fantastic People”

Luzminda feels really good about the building process, from the beginning to the end: “They have a good team and they’re all working together. They stand up for what they say and do not cut any corners.” 

“When people ask me whether I recommend MyKabin, I always do. It’s the way they treat me and the way they treat one another.”

Living Gracefully into the Future

Luzminda’s dream of living through her golden years close to family and in a beautiful home has come true with MyKabin; she hopes to remain in her home for the rest of her life. She states, “I like the modern design aesthetic. To me, simplicity is beauty.”

“And this will be the last journey of my life, close to my daughter.”

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