Roosevelt Traditional

A traditional, 1008 square-foot Kabin with two master suite bedrooms. 

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About this Kabin

  • 1008 square feet*
  • 1 common room, plus fully vaulted ceiling above living/kitchen areas
  • Bonus 500 square-foot loft above bedrooms and bathrooms with fully vaulted ceiling**
  • 2 dual master suite bedrooms
  • Two .75 bathrooms + .5 bathroom
  • Adjustable interior layouts
  • Customizable window sizes and locations
  • Constructed to Built Green’s 4-star standards

** Includes 20 square-foot covered porch
** Loft area max ceiling height less than 7 ft and does not apply towards square footage

Services include:

  • Site survey
  • Soils reports
  • Permitting
  • All utility connections (typically, including a new dedicated electrical meter)
  • Site preparation and restoration (additional landscaping extra)
  • Foundation, construction and site supervision
  • Final finishes, including all paint and trim (interior and exterior)
  • Basic appliance package, including install and hook-up
  • Final clean, debris haul-away and disposal following all Built Green 4-star standards

Cost: $245,000 (+tax)

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